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Quote Request. Submit a quote request and we will email you pricing on any of our reusable bags and other eco friendly promotional products. At Custom Green Promos, we are a top supplier of green bags and eco bags. Request a quote on any of our reusable bags and other promotional products. Take a look at some of our top quality reusable green bags here. Visit us at

Custom Eco Friendly Non Woven Tote Bags

We aim to manufacture and provide quality eco friendly reusable bags, while being an advocate for business practices that are considerate to the environment as well as the earth. It’s our duty and responsibility to facilitate the supply of eco friendly promotional items into the hands of businesses everywhere. We are assisting to make the planet a safe and environmentally friendly place for generations to come with our reusable and environmentally friendly products. We strive towards a common goal of enabling people to be able to make these products a part of their everyday life. Businesses everywhere are seeing the value in going green and using products such as ours for their marketing campaigns.