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Custom Eco Friendly Promotional Tote Bags – Article from 2010

Custom Eco Friendly Promotional Tote Bags – The excellent news is that movement of reusable bags is gaining momentum is growing rapidly in this year. Eco friendly bags are becoming a major part of the world.  Provided you haven’t heard yet, the California legislature has written a bill; AB 1998 (to be voted on by the Senate in August), which would ban throw-away bags sold inside supermarkets, drugstores, convenience, and liquor stores and take complete effect no later than 2013. Even The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, said that he would sign his name on the bill if it makes it to his desk.

This would be a massive win for all friends of the natural world to have the most populated state, in the 3rd largest nation on the earth, to put in place a prohibition on throw-away plastic bags. Considering that China already cracked down on plastic bags in 2008 and Ireland lawmaking efforts to lower plastic bag consumption began in 2002. It is so wonderful to be informed that California legislators have introduced this bill to the table.

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In America, metropolitan areas from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Washington DC have voted for or enacted legislation that either tax patrons for the use of plastic bags or outlaw them completely. Furthermore, California would be the first US state to take action if this legislation were to be approved. More exciting news, even state representatives from the state of Texas have created a possible bill for this. This bill would add a 7-cent tax per throw-away bag used. It is so thrilling that there is a possibility that both Texas and California could soon have laws in place to battle the plastic bag epidemic. Efforts by individuals and governments to decrease large-scale use of throw-away shopping bags is a good technique to encourage people. In addition to that, it would spread the word concerning the overwhelmingly positive benefits of environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags.

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Plastic bags might take up to 1000 years to biodegrade completely. In fact, prior to that it just deteriorates down in smaller and even tinier poisonous pieces that end up in our food, water, and soil. Eco friendly bags are the solution. Biodegradable green bags are a great alternative. nce thrown away in landfill sites, the exposure to daylight, air, and warmth will convert these bags into liquid, carbon dioxide, mineral salt and biomass. Like a fallen leaf, it will disappear over time as well as leave NO Harmful Residue in the soil.

Single-use plastic bags end up in our landfills as well as regularly get tangled and cause permanent harm in garbage management equipment. Hundreds of millions if not billions of further bags end up as urban litter and frequently find their way in to ponds, large bodies of water, streams, as well as the sea. Creatures, especially nautical animals, get entangled in disposable plastic bags, and/or swallow them. As a result, they often suffocate or starve to death.

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So the remedy takes us back to bringing along our own reusable grocery bags. This is extremely simple. Just remember to utilize ecologically friendly reusable grocery bags or reusable shopping bags. Or you can reuse an old bag. Be sure to keep extra reusable bags in your car or inside your backpack. This is because you will want to ensure that they are easy to get to once you require them.

Also remember to clean your bags after use. Especially after transporting raw foods and cleaning supplies. You should also present them to your friends and family as a reminder to bring your own reusable bags. Of course, always remember to recycle every time the opportunity presents itself. Recycling is always a win-win situation for the natural environment. Adopting a reusable grocery bags habit in our personal lifestyles and businesses is in truth the greatest way to make sure we are truly part of the solution rather than the problem. Now is the time to go out and lead by example.