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    Laminated Totes Cotoure - Reusable Bags

Laminated Totes Cotoure

105 GSM gloss laminated tote with large non-woven polypropylene pocket on front for your imprint, and 18 handles.

Size: 16W X 6 X 12H
Imprint Method: Screen Print
Imprint Area: 12W X 6H

Quantity Pricebreaks: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000+

Available Colors


The laminated totes cotoure bags are a wonderful gloss laminated tote featuring a large non-woven polypropylene front pocket that is perfect for advertising your brand. They are just one of the many amazingly stylish green bags that we have to offer here at Custom Green Promos.Green bags are the best alternative to plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags have many evils associated with them, from their manufacturing to disposal. Reusable bags are environmentally friendly in every way and should replace plastic bags entirely. They are a convenient way to carry goods from stores. Awareness has been raised about the damaging effects of plastic on the environment. This knowledge presents a shift in attitude towards the use of green bags which are now a popular solution to the plastic bag problem. Crude oil is the main source material for all plastic bags. This is a non-renewable resource, making recycling plastic bags difficult. Manufacturing plastic bags creates a lot of pollution and it is not biodegradable. 100 million barrels of oil create a year's worth of plastic bags worldwide. It takes 400 years for a plastic bag to biodegrade. Nearly one trillion plastic bags are used each year worldwide. There is something called a plastic soup patch in the Pacific Ocean. This is a mass amount of plastic bags floating in the ocean. It is twice the size of continental United States. Eighty percent of the Pacific Ocean wasteland is made up of plastic. Marine animals are victims of plastic bag waste. They mistake bags for food or get strangled in them. Repurposing or recycling one ton of plastic saves eleven barrels of crude oil. Plastic bags should be repurposed into other uses. Eventually, plastic will be thrown away. This does not help the plastic biodegradable problem.

Major grocery store chains carry reusable bags for sale. Many businesses like yourself order green bags in bulk from a company like ours with your marketing information printed. You can hand them out to the public for free to promote yourself and help the environment. We thank you for this and feel you are great because you help reduce the use of plastic bags. You get more green bags in circulation. The opportunity to promote your products or services makes reusable bag purchase worthwhile. More reusable bags in circulation means the less plastic bags will be used. Manufacturers will take notice when a plastic bag use declines. It has to be a significant amount. Eventually, less and less plastic bags will be produced until the amount in circulation is minimal. People
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