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    Laminated Abe - Reusable Bags

Laminated Abe

105 GSM gloss laminated tote with large non-woven polypropylene pocket on front for your imprint, and 18 handles. Features vibrant Cityscape design on both sides.

Size: 13W X 5 X 13H
Imprint Method: Screen Print
Imprint Area: 8W x 6.5H

Quantity Pricebreaks: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000+

Available Colors

Black with Artistic Design

The Laminated Abe is a one of a kind recyclable bag that is a guarantee hit for just about any promotional advertising event which can include a trade show, fundraiser, or just about any giveaway that you and your company are doing in order to get your sales moving in the right direction. Its made from 105 GSM gloss laminated material and features a wonderful large non-woven polypropylene pocket on the front for your company logo. These bags feature a beautiful and vibrant Cityscape design on both sides that are featured in the picture. You can also add an optional plastic bottom insert for added durability and strength. Remember to take recyclable bags with you to the store. There are a few tricks you can learn to take recyclable bags with you to the store. Bringing bags with you will help the environment by reducing plastic bag use. Recyclable bags are great for the environment. They are an easy and durable way to get groceries and other goods home. Plastic bags are made with crude oil and are not biodegradable, making them harmful. Bags made out of recycled materials eliminate the need for plastic use. It can be difficult to remember to take bags to the store. Even if there is a stack of recyclable bags, they do no good if they sit at home. Put the bags in a place you will remember to use them. Try in the car, on the doorknob, or in the hall closet where shoes and coats are kept. You can also put a reminder bag where you will see it. Putting bags in the trunk means you will forget to bring them into the store. Make a routine of putting bags immediately in the cart or basket. Make an effort to go back to the car and get them when they are forgotten. You can ask the cashier or bagger to put the items back into the cart. Then bag them yourself when you get to the car. This will help you remember to bring the bags in the future. At the top of a shopping list, write a reminder to take the bags with you. Use the same notepad every time to write out a list. After tearing the previous page off, write a reminder on the new page. Bags can be attached to the purse or shopping list.

Using bags that collapse will make it easier to pack the bags. They can be taken with you in any form. Store these in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or car door. This will help you if you forget to take the usual recyclable bags. If you have kids, employ them to help you remember to take bags. Have them be in charge of taking the bags with you to the store. Maybe even offer them a reward if they remember. Getting your kids to help can be an educational opportunity. Take the time to teach kids about the environment. Explain how recyclable bags help reduce plastic bag use. When you are done shopping and emptying the bags, put them back in your reminder spot. This way they will already be in the correct place the next time you go to the store. Create a system for taking recyclable bags with you to the store. This will help begin a routine. Only this way will the full environmental benefits of the bags be used.
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