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Mini Non-Woven Mini-Stripe Gift/Tote Bags

Eco Friendly Reusable Bags > Non Woven Gift Bags Mini Non-Woven Mini-Stripe Gift/Tote Bags
9.5"W x 12"H x 4.5"D

Mini Non-Woven Mini-Stripe Gift/Tote Bags
75 gram polypropylene
Two 16.5" long matching colored self-material handles
Colored bottom 'striped' design
Imprinting available in middle or along bottom
SP PP Ė 5.5Ē W x 4.5Ē H (front/back center)
SP PP Ė 5Ē W x 2.5Ē H (bottom stripe)

This mini non-woven gift/tote bag is great for trade shows, conventions or give aways.

Qty. Available 100 250 500 1,000
Pricing / unit Call Call Call Call

Reusable bags are taking the planet, the earth, and our country by storm. Our ecosystems and cities alike are counting on the use of reusable bags and the positive impact they can have on the planet. They have already proven to reduce pollution, litter, and reduce the waste that is damaging the earth. Our environment is depending on us to make a change and itís our responsibility to do so. The world is demanding a change now regarding what type of business practices companies follow, how we market our brand and logo, what types of products we use to advertise, and more. Changes arenít only necessary in the world of business though. Consumers alike must change the way we shop, the way we transport our groceries, what methods we use to reduce litter, and much more. Letís all join together in this important effort to clean up the planet. We owe it to the planet as much as we owe it to ourselves and our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Reusable bags are a simple, effective, and powerful way to send a message that your company wants to promote business practices that benefit the earth. The gift bags that we offer will make for a special and unique giveaway. Itís time to stand up and cheer for green bags. Letís make it feel like Earth Day every single day of the year. A little effort now makes a large difference later. Call us now and order your unique and affordable green bags today and you will see how great doing something good for the planet will feel.
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