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9"W x 12"H x 2"D
12"W x 16"H x 3"D
15"W x 18"H x 3"D
18"W x 22"H x 3"D

Fold over die cuts
100% biodegradable
Standard price includes 1 color ink
imprint on 1 side
Maximum imprint area is 6"H x 6"W
Colors choices include Frosted, Lime or White

The "EPI" and "Oxo Biodegradable" logos are imprinted randomly on the bottom gusset. These logos certify that this bag meets biodegradable certification.

OXO Biodegradable TM means that once discarded in landfill sites, the exposure to sunlight, oxygen and heat will convert the plastic in this bag into water, carbon dioxide, mineral salt and biomass.

Like a fallen leaf, it will disappear over time and leave NO HARMFUL RESIDUE in the soil.

Colors: Frosted, Lime, White

Qty. Available 250 500 1,000 2,000 5,000
Pricing / unit Call Call Call Call Call

Eco friendly plastic bags are widely considered a very important product in terms of the eco friendly materials they are made from and the fact that they are great for the ecosystem. These green plastic bags, which are biodegradable plastic bags, are great for the earth as well as for your company. Itís important to take advantage of an opportunity to advertise for your company at an affordable price.

Eco friendly bags are an important part of the world today. Whether they are the increasingly popular reusable bags that we offer, or our affordable and stylish biodegradable plastic bags, you will most certainly be doing your part in preserving the environment. The concept of going green is quickly catching on and businesses across the globe are doing their part in saving the ecosystem. Make sure you and your company take part in this movement because every little bit of help goes a long way.

Itís time to take a stand and deal with the issues the earth is facing today. We can make a big change in the way we live, the way we conduct business, and the products we use. We need to make an effort to curb global warming. The earthís atmosphere is overloaded with heat-trapping carbon dioxide, which threatens large-scale disruptions in climate. The consequences of a drastic temperature hike of 3 to 9 degrees by the century's end could be disastrous. We must act now to spur the adoption of cleaner energy sources at home and abroad. Along with taking a stand against this major issue, we must save endangered wildlife and wild places. Natural treasures across the Americas are under siege. Chainsaws, bulldozers and oil rigs threaten to despoil these havens of biodiversity, regulators of climate and sanctuaries for recreation. Lastly, we can create a future of clean energy. America's dependence on fossil fuels is a major contributor to global warming, toxic air pollution and dependence on some of the world's most oppressive regimes. By investing in renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and biomass, we can help solve the energy and climate crises. Investing in energy efficiency can also stimulate the economy by creating millions of new green jobs, putting us squarely on the path toward repowering America with clean energy. We can face these issues head on by using reusable bags and biodegradable plastic bags. They help reduce pollution and waste and will ultimately assist in leading to the goals we are all trying to achieve today. Contact our company today and we will start you in the right direction with our amazingly sleak and stylish reusable grocery bags and biodegradable plastic bags.
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