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5.5" long (14 cm), available in 4 biogreen colors: Red, Blue, Green or Smoke Trim

Biogreen: made with biodegradable plastic
An environmentally friendly biodegradable ballpoint pen
Made from a corn starch resin

Note: The corn starch resin is made in the United States by Nature Works and will biodegrade failry rapidly in a compost pile and does not use any petroleum.

Biogreen products are made from environmentally friendly plastic which will biodegrade in a regular landfill within 18 - 60 months. Biogreen products are perfect for any eco friendly program.

Qty. Available 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000
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Imprinted Pens are an amazing and stylish way to show off your brand. By giving one of these great promotional products to your customer, you demonstrate to them that you care about their account. These advertising pens are both stylish and affordable at the same time. You will love the fact that they are such high quality while paying a low price. Regardless of what you are using them for, you are certain to feel great about these products. Whether they are for use at the office or as a giveaway at a special event, you will be tremendously satisfied with the results. Donít allow your next promotion to be plain and boring. Choose these great biodegradable pens and your next promotional giveaway will be memorable to everyone.

Gaining exposure to your logo or brand has never been so easy. With these wonderful and unique eco friendly pens, you will be able to have them printed with your logo and just about any message that you want to send to your customers as well as anyone who receives one. They can be used for many different occasions or events. Give them away at a tradeshow or special event, or simply give them to your employees at an office. You can also send them to each and every single one of your current customers as a gift they are sure to remember.

Imagine how great of a promo it would be if you gave to one of your customerís one of our stylish green bags with one of these wholesale pens. The reaction would be the same every single time. They would be absolutely ecstatic and it would prove to them how important their business is to you. Thatís the type business practices that are needed in order to be successful for many years to come.
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