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Eco Friendly Lanyards

Bamboo & Corn Lanyards

Eco Friendly Lanyards Bamboo & Corn Lanyards
3/4", 3/8", 5/8"

Available in Bamboo or Corn
Two styles, flat polyester or tubular
Corn lanyards are only available in white
Different attachments will change the weight

Qty. Available 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000
Pricing / unit Call Call Call Call Call Call Call

Eco friendly lanyards are incredible way to make your companies brand stand out among the competition at your next tradeshow. They an affordable, stylish, and practical way to promote your brand, advertise for your company, and gain the business that you and your company has worked so hard for. Eco friendly lanyards are an amazingly earth friendly and innovative way to take advantage of using earthís resources including bamboo and corn to reduce the use of resources that need to be spared. Bamboo is quickly taking the world of promotional products by storm. It is a fascinating material due to its strength and regenerative properties. Incredibly, a pole of bamboo can regenerate to it full mass in just six months. It can be continually re-harvested every three to seven years without causing damage to the plant system and the re-harvesting actually improves the overall health of the plant. Its surrounding environment is not harmed because its root system stays intact so erosion is prevented. When treated, bamboo forms a very hard wood which is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. It also removes up to five times the amount of greenhouse gases as an equivalent stand of trees. Bamboo has a tensile strength greater than many alloys of steel. Be the leader of the office the next time your company discusses options for its next advertising project and speak loud and clear about the importance of eco friendly lanyards and doing something that is great for the planet. You will be the hero of the staff because your ideas will be seen as creative, thoughtful, and innovative. It will be evident that you care about the company you work for and societyís well being in general.

Green bags and eco friendly lanyards make an effective marketing combo in terms of making your business equipped with the newest and most innovative way to advertise. You can be sure that you will do something that is great for your business as well as great for the environment. The time is now to make a concerted effort to join in on the movement of ensuring the safety of the planet. Itís important to be an integral part of the solution rather than a major part of the problem.
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