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Problems & Dangers

Eco Friendly Bags are a very important topic today in society because of their benefits and due to the fact that paper & plastic bags have such a negative effect on society. Paper and plastic bags are a large and continually growing threat to the environment we inhabit as well has having a negative impact on our ecosystems. This includes our beautiful parks, oceans, lakes, rivers, and more. Their problems & dangers are related to the large quantities of them that end up in landfills, but that’s just the beginning of the problem. The resources used to produce, transfer, and recycle them, as well as the emissions that result from the process is a major danger. Extreme air pollution is caused from the recycling of plastic and the heavy metals that are emitted into the air. Eco bags, also known as green bags, do not get manufactured in the same way and don’t emit this type of pollution.

Americans consume more than 10 billion paper bags per year, and approximately 14 million trees are cut down every year for paper bag production. This manufacturing process also requires hundreds and thousands of gallons of water as well as toxic chemicals like sulphurous acid, which unfortunately can lead to acid rain and water pollution. Both are very harmful to the environment and society in general. The use of eco bags will quickly eliminate the needs for this production process, which immediately reduces pollution. Paper bags are unlikely to be used more than one time, they tear easily, and are produced with one time usage in mind. Reusable bags are created with the exact opposite purpose in mind and they can last around 2 years with full time use. Nearly 80% of all paper bags end up in landfills. Once they enter the landfill, they do not biodegrade right away due to a lack of oxygen. They also occupy much more space by weight and volume than that of plastic bags.

Custom Green Promos offers a practical, efficient, and affordable solution to the problems associated with disposable plastic and paper bags. Our eco friendly bags are the solution, but we all must do our part in using them. As the consumer, you be will playing an immediate and integral part in helping to reduce the negative impact that plastic/paper bags waste has worldwide. Let’s all unite as one, take a stand together, and immediately incorporate into our lives the use of reusable bags.
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