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At Custom Green Promos, you are dealing directly with the factory. We have manufacturing facilities in the United States and overseas. Our facilities are located in Illinois, New York, and overseas in China. We produce all of our products either domestically or overseas depending on the quantity of the order as well as the timeline needed by our customers. We have been supplying companies with eco friendly bags and eco friendly promotional products for years with high quality products manufactured in our own 30,000 square foot factory in China. Some companies are simply distributors of these products, which doesn’t allow for factory direct pricing as well has hands on expertise. We have complete control over the products as they are being manufactured and we utilize this firsthand knowledge and pass along the savings to you. Our manufacturing capabilities include extensive experience and expertise with custom promotional product manufacturing. In addition to eco friendly bags, we manufacture biodegradable water bottles, biodegradable pens, and much more. We treat each individual customer the same whether your idea is large or small. Each account is as important to us as the next. We specialize in manufacturing all of our unique products, but we pride ourselves just as much in our customer service. It is our extra care and attention to detail that has enabled us to succeed as a company for many years. Give us a try and we can guarantee your satisfaction on any one of our products. You are sure to be satisfied with any number of our products and especially our unique and high quality eco friendly bags.
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