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Our highly trained, courteous sales representatives are waiting to take your call. Whatever time it takes to assist you, that is the time you’ll receive. We’re here to help. We will give you the friendly customer service you deserve with the patience you expect. Whether you have a question about handling your project and your order of reusable bags, or you simply need help designing your order of green bags, our sales staff is here to assist you.

Our staff is trained and experienced within the marketing and advertising industry. Meeting your expectations and achieving your goals is our top objective, and we provide the latest marketing trends and products in order to do so. We are able to put your creative ideas into action thru the promotional products that we offer. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. We have innovative, creative, and up to date ideas allowing you to utilize our experience and expertise in order to create the product that you want. We can customize any of our products, including our unique and dynamic line of reusable bags. Our customer service representatives, sales department, design specialists, and support staff are all highly skilled with the necessary tools in order to provide you with the service required to deliver the highest quality to you at the most competitive prices.

Custom Green Promos has the resources, the knowledge, and the know how to be able to provide your company with the most quality and durable green bags possible at the most competitive price. Your business is more than just an account to us. We treat every customer with complete personal care and we are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Your business is a priority to us and our service will reflect that. At Custom Green Promos, we can guarantee that you will be provided with the service and the product that you are looking for and that you as a consumer deserve. Reusable bags are more than just a product to us. They are a way of life. This concept is apparent through our customer service care that we pride ourselves on. Your order is very important to us, whether it's for any of our eco friendly promotional items or our unique line of reusable bags.
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