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At Custom Green Promos, we manufacture and sell high quality reusable bags, while promoting business practices that are conscious of the environment as well as respect the earth. It is our goal to facilitate the flow of eco friendly promotional items into the hands of businesses everywhere. We are helping to make the earth a safe and environmentally friendly place for generations to come by producing reusable bags and other environmentally friendly products. We strive towards a common goal of enabling people to be able to make these products a part of their everyday life. We think its outstanding how businesses across the globe are increasing their efforts to incorporate the use of products that are great for the environment into their marketing campaigns as well as their everyday operations. We make this all possible through the sale of many different types of eco friendly products including all of our recycled bags and non woven bags. We also offer many unique and innovative products such as our seed paper.

Our philosophy is to help generate a better future for our planet by spreading the concept of an environmentally friendly way of life. This is evident through our extensive line of eco friendly promotional items that we manufacture and provide to companies. We are proud to help protect the environment by supplying an eco friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags that have caused widespread damage to the environment worldwide including our oceans, lakes, and rivers. In addition to our reusable bags, we offer many popular, affordable, and stylish eco friendly promotional items.

We are a socially responsible company. We care for our planet as well as our employees. We have committed to provide the best and most suitable work environment possible. It is also our desire to have a positive impact on our environment. Our efforts begin with our employees by providing them with a safe and healthy work environment.
We believe in environmental sustainability, and it is our goal as well as our duty to be environmentally conscious in every facet of our business as well as maintain our beliefs in emphasizing the importance of eco friendly products being part of everyday life.

Custom Green Promos is your best source for Eco Friendly Bags. We produce environmentally friendly reusable bags and other products for companies that want to be part of the green movement. We offer a wide range of environmentally conscious reusable grocery bags and reusable shopping bags. We have the resources and the knowledge to be able to provide your company with the most quality and durable green bags possible at the most competitive prices. Your business is very important to us. We treat every customer with complete personal care and we are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Your business is a priority to us and our service will reflect that. At Custom Green Promos, we can guarantee that you will be provided with the service and the product that you are looking for regarding all of your product needs. Give us a call today and see what we can do for your next advertising campaign. Your company and your budget will thrive with one of our amazingly stylish wholesale reusable bags custom imprinted with your company logo. All of our customized grocery bags will make your next advertising campaign come to life and send an eco friendly message along with it.

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