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Wine Totes

Wine Totes

Wine Totes Non-Woven 2-Bottle Wine Bags
6.75"W x 11"H x 3.5"D
AS LOW AS $1.29/BAG.

Transport your wine bottles with this durable and easy to carry bag. 90-GSM Non Woven Bags.

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Wine Totes Non-Woven 4-Bottle Wine Bags
6.75"W x 11"H x 6.5"D

AS LOW AS $1.66/BAG.

Holds 1.5 liter or 1 liter soda bottles or cartons. 90-GSM Non Woven Bags.

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Reusable wine totes are great for any occasion. Whether you have a picnic, luncheon, weekend getaway, or corporate social gathering, reusable wine totes will be the hit of the event. You can transport your wine bottles with these durable and easy to carry bags. Not only are they stylish, but they are affordable, practical, and eco friendly. A reinforced based on these products ensures you will have the support and structure you need when carrying your wine. We offer different colors, sizes, and styles to meet whatever look and feel you are going for. Reusable wine bags are also great when used as a corporate promotional giveaway. There’s no better way to promote and market your company brand than with your logo imprinted on one of these great reusable bags. You will sending a message to each and every client as well as potential customer that your business is ethical, honest, and demonstrate business practices with the environment in mind. It is this type of global awareness and consciousness that sets yourself apart from your competitors. Order one of your wine totes or any other of our green bags by simply filling out our request a quote form or contacting us directly at 1.888.565.2235. The next time your company has an important tradeshow, keep our company in mind and choose from our large selection of green bags.

If your company is looking for an idea to impress your customers, look no further than these beautiful and stylish reusable wine totes. They are a wonderful idea to use for a promotion for all types of companies. They are so great because they advertise your logo so effectively as well as the fact that they are great for the environment. Reusable bags are rapidly becoming a permanent fixture in stores everywhere, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world because of the affordable advertising that they provide. You can immediately take your advertising campaign up a notch and select these unique reusable wine totes as your next promotional tool. Everybody likes to enjoy a nice bottle of wine, and with these they can bring it anywhere they go. Your clients will be so impressed and they will show you their gratitude through the business they bring you in the future. Call us now and you will be know immediately that you made the right decision to do so.
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