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Seed Paper Sheets

Seed Paper Sheets

Seed paper sheets are available in the following colors in 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. 12 x 18 inch seed paper sheets are available in white only, or by special order request in colors (minimum quantity and set up fees apply). We include a hearty and diverse mix of annual and perennial wildflower sheets, but also offer custom seed mixes upon request (minimum quantity and set up fees apply). Bulk pricing available.

We try to keep 18 beautiful colors of wildflower seed paper in stock at all times.col We stock our colors in 8.5” x 11” sheets. We can only print on these colorful sheets with our letterpress. Other seed mixes and sheet sizes are available so feel free to contact us for more information. Our sheets do vary in color a small amount from batch to batch. Some computer monitors may not display all or some colors accurately.

To give you color professionals out there a hands on color match, we have included a list of the closest Pantone PMS values to our seed paper colors. These matches are not exact.

  • White: Between white white and a warm white.
  • Forest: 3405U
  • Sage: 345U
  • Chartreuse: 616U
  • Powder Blue: Between 621U & 7464U
  • Light Blue: 2915U
  • Teal: 314U
  • Royal: 286U
  • Violet: between 2617U & 2755U
  • Lavender: 2567U
  • Burgundy: 690U but brighter
  • Pink: 2365U
  • Cranberry: 206U
  • Terra Cotta: Between 488U & 5035U
  • Salmon: 486U
  • Orange: 165U
  • Coffee: 476U
  • Yellow: 127U
Seed Paper SheetsSeed Paper Sheets

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Seed paper sheets are a promotional instrument like no other. Their concept is unparalleled and their effectiveness is unmatched. There are good promotional products, there are great promotional products, and then there are seed paper products. They make for an exceptional promotional item because of their effectiveness and idea behind them. The fact that they come with a variety of seeds embedded within the paper is astounding. This feature enables you to plant the seeds and watch wildflowers grow. There�s no better giveaway to give to a customer than these seemingly simple yet amazing products.

Green bags and seed paper products are sure to give your next marketing campaign that added boost that it needs. They make for a powerful promotional campaign that is certain to allow your company the exposure it needs to be successful. That�s not even mentioning the fact that this method of advertising is great for the environment. The fact that you can so successfully market your brand while doing something great for the earth speaks volumes. Your customers will appreciate the fact that your company makes the state of the environment a priority. It�s time to be part of the solution rather than the problems that the world is facing today.

Reusable grocery bags are a popular choice these days when considering how to effectively advertise for your company and ultimately increase your sales revenue. By combining your marketing dollars and adding seed paper products to your campaign, you will immediately be on the path to success. Now is your chance to make a difference in the world and ensure that your company has a successful future in a cleaner world.
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