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Eco Friendly Notepads

Notepads Recycled Cube Pad
3.5"W x 3.5"H x 3.5"D

100% recycled paper.

Optional Spectra Process provides full color imprints.

Approximately 700 sheets.

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Notepads Recycled Memo Notepad
5"W x 7"H x 3/16"D
100% recycled paper.

Great stock art options available.

Paper is post-consumer fiber.

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Eco friendly office supplies such as these great imprinted notepads are the best way to make sure your companyís logo and message is on the desk and the minds of your customers every day. Itís the gift that customers will be able to use over and over again daily. Your logo will be seen on their desk every day, especially every single time they go to use these eco friendly notepads. Talk about effective advertising!!! Itís this type of marketing that allows your company to succeed for many years to come. Aside from using these custom notepads as a giveaway to customers, you can hand them out to employees. Their gratitude will easily be reflected through their hard work and their loyalty. These types of business characteristics will be evident through their efforts and the results will be a more productive employee. This is what is necessary to ensure the well being of your company for the future.

Maybe you need a promotional product for a tradeshow, conference, fundraiser, or a corporate outing. They are great for any occasion. Itís always nice to show people that you care about them and thatís exactly what you will be accomplishing when you give them one of these stylish and well organized promotional products. Donít let the competition be victorious. Take an initiative and make sure your next advertising campaign is your best one yet. Whether it features any of our great eco friendly office supplies or perhaps one of our trendy and stylish eco friendly bags, it will be important to stand out. Our products enable you the opportunity to make this happen.
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