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Lanyard Attachments

Lanyard Attachments

Lanyard Attachments and Options

Lanyards make for an exceptional marketing vehicle and their effectiveness is unparalleled. When considering what makes a great promotional tool in the corporate world, eco friendly lanyards stand above the rest. Not only are they unique in their style and appearance, but their affordability makes them that much more appealing. Where else will you find a product featuring your company logo that a company’s employee will wear the entire day at the office?

Custom Green Promos has a unique way of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. From eco friendly lanyards to reusable grocery bags, you will find the customized product that you are looking for. The world is forever changing and we are headed in a direction that we hope has a positive impact on the earth. It is our responsibility as business owners, managers, employees, consumers, and family members, to do what is right for the safety of the planet. This is why it’s important to conduct business in a manner that does not harm the environment. For these reasons, eco friendly lanyards and reusable bags are so important to a company’s business strategy. There are too many companies out there that are part of the problem. The goal is to be part of the solution. We need to make a strong effort to make this happen and make it a reality. You can start now by calling us and we’ll handle the rest.
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