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Drawstring Bags

Reusable Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bags Explorer Backpack - WOW!!! 2 Options! Marco Polo & Magellan
13"W x 16"H &
16"W x 20"H

AS LOW AS $1.14/BAG.

Great for give-aways. Reflective strips bounce light back from 50 feet (high visibility at night).

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Drawstring Bags Recycled P.E.T. Drawstring Knapsack
14"W x 17"H
A knapsack with double drawstring closure, and a tote bag with two self-material handles ALL IN ONE!!!!

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Drawstring Bags Drawstring Backpack
15"W x 18"H

Features a large front zipper pocket.

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Drawstring Bags Non-Woven Drawstring Knapsack
14.75"W x 17"H
Features double cords that act as drawstring closure and straps.

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Drawstring bags are great for many different reasons. These include adventure travel, exercise, hiking, and more. Maybe you are going for a hike and something to carry your things in. These drawstring bags will do just the trick. Maybe you are going for a jog and need something that will stay on your back and hold all your personally belongings at the same time. The next time you go to the gym, our drawstring bags are the perfect item to bring along with you. You will be exercising in style with one of these. They are affordable and very transportable. Maybe you are participating in a 5k race and want to bring along a couple snakes and a towel for the run. This will do just the trick. They are just one of our many types of reusable bags. Give us a call and we are sure to supply you with one our stylish reusable bags.

Eco friendly bags are an important part of society as well as corporate America. Their uses are limitless and they make such an amazing gift to hand out at tradeshows or to your customers. When people receive one of these beautiful green bags featuring your logo on it, they appreciate the gesture and realize just how nice of a gift it is as soon as they receive it. Once they use them and see how practical and convenient they are, you will have a customer for life. That's not even mentioning the effective advertising that these reusable bags accomplish whenever anyone walks around using them. It's as effective as advertising on a billboard, except without the expensive costs. What more could you ask for? At Custom Green Promos, we feel it's crucial to make sure all of our customers are prepared for each and every marketing campaign that their company starts. There's no better way to ensure success than through the use of any one of our high quality, stylish, and affordable promotional products.
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