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Biodegradable Pens

Biodegradable Pens

Biodegradable Pens Lil' Green Pens
AS LOW AS $0.65/EA.
Eco Friendly Pens, Biodegradable Pens, Available in 5 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black or Silver.

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Biodegradable Pens Go Green Pens
5.5"long (14 cm).
Available in 4 colors: Metallic Silver barrel w/ Solid Red, Blue, Green or Yellow trim

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Biodegradable Pens Twister Pens
AS LOW AS $0.59/EA.
Eco Friendly Pens, Biodegradable Pens, Available in translucent Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.

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Biodegradable Pens Eco Pens
AS LOW AS $0.47/EA.
Eco Pens, Available in Solid Red, Blue, Green or Black.

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Biodegradable Pens Bio Pens
AS LOW AS $0.55/EA.
A great give-away for any promotion. Available in Solid Red, Blue, Green or Black.

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Biodegradable Pens Enviro Pens
5.5" long (14 cm).
Available in Red, Blue, Green or Smoke trim.

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Biodegradable Pens Madeira Pens
AS LOW AS $0.55/EA.
Available in Black, Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.

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Eco friendly pens and reusable bags are a sure fire way to get your next promotional campaign started and sent in the right direction. The combination of these two outstanding marketing vehicles will get you the exposure and recognition that you deserve. Our extensive line of biodegradable pens is astounding in terms of style, selection, and quality. They make for a very unique yet practical giveaway. Your company brand or logo will be seen by consumers who well be using these products every day. Itís important for a company to promote their brand the right way while sending a message that the earth we inhabit is important to them. This is your opportunity to be a big part of the movement to clean up the planet while increasing your sales at the same time. The chance to increase market share while saving the planet has never been so affordable and fun. You will have a great feeling of self accomplishment when you take the time to make these concepts a reality. By making them a central part of your marketing campaign, you will be providing your company the opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet. These chances donít come along everyday so the time to seize the chance is now. This is all made possible through the use of eco friendly pens and reusable bags.

Custom Green Promos is a company that manufactures and supplies companies with high quality biodegradable pens. Not only will a business have their logo imprinted on every single eco friendly pen that they give away, but they will be doing their small part in protecting the planet, conserving the environment, and reducing pollution. The time is now, the place is here, and the opportunity is in your hands. You can start with a few small changes that will go a long way to doing something positive for the world we live in.
Custom Green Promos

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