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Eco Friendly Reusable Bags & Promotional Items

Reusable bags are quickly becoming a necessity for consumers as well as business’s attempting to promote their company brand. Custom Green Promos is the leading supplier for eco friendly reusable bags and eco friendly custom green promotional items. The products we offer, including our reusable bags, consist of the highest grade materials and our customer service is second to none. We carry an extensive line of green bags ranging from eco friendly bags, reusable grocery bags, reusable shopping bags, and many more products to meet the ever-growing needs of your company. Our extensive line of green bags sets the standard for the industry. We’ve been manufacturing and supplying superior reusable bags and other green promotional products for years. Our capabilities are limitless, especially when it comes to the ability to offer factory direct pricing for all of our products alike. We manufacture all of our products allowing us to pass along the savings to our customers. We customize each and every product in order to meet your company’s exact specifications. The worldwide demand for an eco friendly global market is growing and so is the demand for reusable bags. Our company will be able to give the consumer the product they are looking for.

Green Bags Are Environmentally friendly Smart Bags

At Custom Green Promos, we strive to manufacture and sell superior green bags, while promoting business practices that are conscious of the environment, respect the earth, and stay up to speed with the ever changing global market. It is our responsibility and endeavors to facilitate the flow of all our eco friendly products into the hands of businesses across the globe as well as the end consumer. By producing and selling reusable shopping bags and environmentally friendly products, we are doing our part in helping to ensure the safety of the planet and ensure that it is an environmentally friendly place to live for generations to come. We aim towards a common goal of enabling people to make these products a part of their everyday life. Our reusable grocery bags are rapidly becoming a permanent fixture within businesses everywhere. They are quickly becoming a staple of business promotion and their popularity is only going to increase. They are also a great way to promote your business’s brand, prevent the waste of plastics bags, and are saving the planet one bag at a time!!!

Customizable Eco Friendly Reusable Bags & Seed Paper

Our product line features eco bags and many more customized eco friendly products to meet the expectations of what your company is looking for in regards to all your marketing needs. Reusable bags are great for your business and great for the environment. Eco friendly bags are a great way to promote your companies brand and let everyone know you care about the environment and are conscious of the problems that plastic bags are causing society. The pollution and waste caused by the overuse of plastic bags is continually growing and global warming is a reality. The only solution is to increase the use of recycled bags. In addition to all of our reusable bags, we also offer promotional products made from seed paper. Products made out of seed paper offer companies an eco conscious marketing tool that is sure to be a hit. The fact that we offer a wide variety of products allows you the opportunity to make your promotional campaign unique. From our eco bags to our seed paper, you will certainly find the product that you are searching for. Whether your company has a trade show, giveaway, or promotion of any type, our products are a sure fire way to market your brand. We are your #1 source and the leading supplier for all of your company's promotional items needs and non woven bags.
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